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Thank You! 2010-2011

Annual Fund Donors

Alex and Sigalit Adler

Monzer and May Al-Dadah and Abouhouli

Robert and Brenda Antonacci

Seth and Lisa Barker

Jason and Karen Beverlin

Ruth Bittner

Mark and Mary Bretsch

Michael and Andrea Brooks

Dean and Sandy Cantu

John and Sabrina Caviness/Yu

Gene and Judy Cheng

David and Johanna Compton

Debora Courtright

Joshua and Trina Croland

Julie Curless

Errol and Karen Davis

Jay and Barbara Dawson

Brandon and Laurie Dean

Jeffrey and Ellie DeSanto

Chad and Shana DeVerger

Julie Dewey

Todd and Shelly Dittmer

Gene and Rebecca Doubleday

Nirain and Catherine D'Souza

Eric and Pam Elwood

Jay and Carla Eman

Mark and Katrina Erickson

John and Laura Evancho

Adair and Glen Feather

Robert and Shevaun Fennell

Paul and LaDona Fishkin

Sean and  Amanda  Fitts

Bob and Anna Garrett

Dana and Valerie Greiner

Marie and Patrice Groisiller

Min-Kyu and Natalie Han

William and Michele Hauptman and Lindsey

Martin and Lisa Heimgartner

Mary  Heinemann

Michael and Jean Hettel

Kelly Hoehne

Fabian and Heather Hosein and Lueck

Mark and Wanda Hsu

Julie Hudelson

Gregory  and Jennifer  Jaeger

Sharad and Elizabeth Jain

Steven and Diana Janda

Craig and Lori Johnson

Greg and Barb Johnston

Tim and Elizabeth Johnston/Miller

Sarah Kashyap

Daniel and  Cynthia  Kennedy

Greg Ketay

Alexis and Elizabeth Khazzam

Craig and Kimberly Kliethermes

John and  Clarissa  Kolmer

Donna Kosner

Tom and Lilie Landon

David and Paige Lee

Denise Leitch

Decker Leon

Michael and Denise Leonardi

Sean and Maureen Leuba

Michele Lindsey

Stephine Lipe

David and Donna Lubben

Lonnie and Catherine Marvel

Lonnie and Catherine Marvel

Amir Marvi

Amir and Sarah Marvi

Joe and Meri McIntire

Billy and Renee McKee

Robert McQuellon

Robert and Darcy McQuellon

Lisa McSherry

Patrick and Kim McSherry

Sean and Christina Meagher

Bobby and  Debi  Meils

Scott and Annette Meyer

Derel and Ellen Monteith

Jeffrey and Lisa Mueller

Pat and Jan Mulloy

Stephen  and Jennifer  Orlevitch

Hilary Owen

Gavish and Lisa Patel

Mandar and Mugdha Pattekar

Rick and Lauretta Pearl

Steve and Chere Peters

Mark and Vicki Petersen

John and Gretchen Petrakis

Brandy Popp

Crystal Radee

Greg Rashid

Kristy Rashid

Jim and Sue Reames

Suresh and  Tanuja  Reddy

Carlos and Claudia Revilla

Pat and Clarissa Rhode

Romel and Vivian Salazar

Jose and Nayeli Aileen Santos-Gomez and Gonzalez-Fernandez

Scott and Lynn Settelmyer

David and Jennifer Seward

Steven and Tamara Shaffer

Jeffrey and Jackie Shaw

Kenneth and Tonya Sidwell

Matthew and Jennifer Smith

Penelope Smith

Christa Spates-Bell

Jeff and Kim Stejskal

John and Lynne Swanson

Tucker Szold

Perry Tate

Dennis and Wendy Thomasson

Rose Tuerk

Ira and Beth Uretzky

Shannon and Joe VanFleet

Emily Varichak

David and Elizabeth Wentworth and Jensen

Dick and Sonni Williams

Naymond and Maxine Williams

Michael and Stacy Winslow

Gene and  Lindsay  Winter

Mark and Erika Wrhel

Keith and Susan Wulffraat

Andy and Rhonda Zeigler

OSF St. Francis, Inc

Ethan and Linda Whitney