Early Childhood

Nurturing each child’s curiosity and intellect

We know that a child’s early educational experiences set the stage for all that will come. We nurture each child’s curiosity and intellect to given them the best preparation for a vibrant and academically successful future.

In our newly-renovated Early Childhood Center, which includes intentional outdoor learning spaces, expert teachers use imaginative play, child-directed instruction and hands-on experiences to help our youngest students develop a love of learning.

Our Early Childhood program is holistic and student centered. Along with providing a strong academic foundation, it introduces young children to visual arts, music, and physical education. By the time they go to kindergarten, our early education students are exquisitely prepared to thrive in school, emotionally and intellectually.
Peoria Academy is a diverse community of students, parents, and educators working together to provide a rigorous educational experience. Using progressive techniques that nurture the whole child, our independent school fosters intrinsic motivation, resilience, and creativity.