Lower School

Nurturing Each Child's Curiosity and Intellect

We know that elementary school children are natural scientists and theorists, mathematicians and artists. At Peoria Academy, we encourage  innate curiosity and develop students’ power of inquiry, their conceptual understandings and their excitement about learning. We believe that students who take control over their own learning will thrive throughout their years in school – and in life beyond.

We also know that arts and athletics are essential parts of a holistic education. On any given day, you might spot our PYP students painting or signing, rock climbing or gardening, playing the cello or sculpting. Every student gets multiple days a week in our world language, fine arts, music, and physical education classes.
    • IB PYP MYP

    • IB PYP MYP

Peoria Academy is a diverse community of students, parents, and educators working together to provide a rigorous educational experience. Using progressive techniques that nurture the whole child, our independent school fosters intrinsic motivation, resilience, and creativity.