Middle School

Nurturing each child’s curiosity and intellect

Our Middle School Program prepares students for secondary school. Our middle schoolers also actively connect their classroom subjects, from laboratory science to economics, to the world around them. With our global focus and local involvement, PA students experience the real-world applications of design, mathematics, language and literature and foreign languages.

Our teachers regularly integrate visual arts, music, nature and movement into their academic lessons, and our middle school students are given ample opportunity to explore new creative outlets. Each student has multiple days a week in the art studio. They can sing in our chorus, join our string ensemble and explore theater with our performing arts program. All students participate in athletics, either through physical education or on one of our competitive sports teams.
Peoria Academy is a diverse community of students, parents, and educators working together to provide a rigorous educational experience. Using progressive techniques that nurture the whole child, our independent school fosters intrinsic motivation, resilience, and creativity.