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Peoria Academy recognizes the inherent curiosity and diverse talents residing within young learners. As natural scientists, theorists, mathematicians, and artists, our students are encouraged to explore their innate abilities. We foster a culture that not only nurtures their curiosity but also cultivates their power of inquiry, conceptual understanding, and genuine excitement for learning.

Believing in the transformative impact of self-directed learning, we empower students to take control of their educational journey. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring that students not only excel during their time at Peoria Academy but also thrive in the broader landscape of life beyond school.

At Peoria Academy, we embrace the holistic nature of education, recognizing the integral roles that arts and athletics play in shaping well-rounded individuals. On any given day, you might witness our PYP students passionately engaged in activities such as painting, singing, rock climbing, gardening, playing the cello, or sculpting. To provide a comprehensive educational experience, every student participates in world language, fine arts, music, and physical education classes multiple times a week. Join us in cultivating a learning environment where every child's unique potential is not only recognized but celebrated.