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Peoria Academy Arts

Art is an integral part of the Peoria Academy experience. From pottery to printmaking, chorus to cello, students not only discover new forms of self-expression and creativity, they learn how the arts are connected to history, math and culture. All of our students, from pre-k to eighth grade, spend multiple days a week in our art studio. Younger students enjoy music and movement classes, while our older students play in string ensembles or sing in chorus.
Peoria Academy's visual and performing arts programs engage all students in creative exploration and self-discovery. Beginning in the Early Childhood Center and continuing into the Lower School, students inquire into various forms of personal and cultural expressions through individual and small group music making and a variety of visual arts media. 

Moving into the Middle School, students further develop their visual arts skills and have regular opportunities to exhibit their work. In the performing arts, students enjoy ensemble music in either the Orchestra or the Choir. 

Our before and after school enrichment programming offers a variety of opportunities to supplement classroom instruction in the arts. Signature experiences include our annual fall musical, individual and small group music lessons, and hands-on visual arts experiences such as digital design and ceramics.